About the show

Edgy thought-provoking posts, commentaries, and interviews (podcasts and soon YouTube!) by Dr. Beni Balak on today’s social economics and geopolitical issues helping decipher the misinformation propaganda inflicted on our society by today’s corporate media profiteers and their political facilitators. Dr. Balak is an economics professor at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. He currently teaches various courses on economics, media, and propaganda.

Co-hosting the podcast with Dr. Balak, is Jesse Velez, a recently graduated honor student double major in Psychology and International Affairs at Rollins College Hamilton Holt School. Jesse Velez is a retired International Flight Attendant Purser whose experience as a world traveler will add different perspectives to the issues Dr. Balak will be hammering away every week on this new innovative show.



We are no longer on WPRK91.5FM but will try to go back on air in the Orlando area ASAP.

Thanks for being patient with us and understanding that our brutal honesty and anti-partisan politics are not popular among either liberals nor conservatives :( 


Released once edited and available on all podcast directories (iTunes, FeedBurner, etc). Just search for Punkonomics.org on your podcast player or enter the RSS feed: https://punkonomics.org/feed/

  1. EDO says:

    I love it …it is my son and I am proud of him


  2. Hi, It’s great to connect with you. Your blog is quite cool. Thanks!


  3. Fred says:

    Great Pod Cast. First time listener. I met you and Phil at Rick Wolff’s event at Rollins. I would love to reconnect, perhaps over beers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dearbalak says:

      Thanks! I remember you… we’re FB friends right? I’m insanely busy most of the time but let’s find an opportunity sometime this summer for a beer


      • fred says:

        yes I have you on my FB. Please let me know when you have some free time. I have some ideas about stuff that I would like to bounce off some smart people.


  4. […] Rovira will be interviewed by Dr. Beni Balak live about the Anazoa Educational Project for Punkonomics on Wednesday, April 22nd at 2 p.m. EST. Here’s how you can […]


  5. […] Rovira will be interviewed by Dr. Beni Balak live about the Anazoa Educational Project for Punkonomics on Wednesday, April 22nd at 2 p.m. EST. Here’s how you can […]


  6. Shaheen says:

    Love the energy!


  7. I gotta sat I am so sad that your show is no longer on WPRK. It was my favorite show they aired. For so long I thought Rollins radio was super inclusive and in full support of free speech and bringing alternative views into the open forum. So sad to know that has changed. I hope you get your podcast back up and running! Peace and thanks!


    • Thank you so much! I’m afraid after the 2016 election year, our commentary increasingly irritated too many respectable distinguished people and we eventually could no longer deal with the pressure :(


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