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In doing an assignment for a class, I came across this:The Social Psychology of Religion’This stood out to me because I believe that it is very important to consider the context of a situational, and I hadn’t considered inequality in the context of religion before. According to the page, 88% of Americans in 1995 believed that religion was important in their lives. Today the number is 53%. With a drop of 35%, that means that about half of the population doesn’t care much about faith. This drop occurred in just over 10 years. While I doubt the trend will remain so fast, it is reasonable to assume that within 50 years, only about a third of all Americans will have any interest in religion. It would be extremely interesting to do a study in 2045 and look at such data compared to other social trends, inequality included. Unfortunately…

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How neoliberalism contributed to the productivity slowdown

Source: Neoliberalism Was Supposed to Make Us Richer: Three Reasons Why It Didn’t – Evonomics

The liberal elites—from Hollywood and the Democratic Party to The New York Times and CNN—a group that bears significant responsibility for the death of our democracy, now hold themselves up as the saviors of the republic. They have embarked, despite their own corruption and their complicity in neoliberalism and the crimes of empire, on a self-righteous moral crusade to topple Donald Trump. It is quite a show. 

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The Free and the Brave

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President Trump recently signed several executive orders, decrees that can be easily repealed by the next president. They are meant to quickly fulfill all of Trump’s promises, but some of the more controversial and dysfunctional ones are already inflaming the very tenuous relationship between at least half of the nation and the government.

Obviously the most damaging policy introduced, and one that everyone but the President immediately began undermining is the closing of borders to those from seven nations, all of them primarily Muslim.

Let’s start with a problem that most people don’t notice, except apparently Justin Trudeau and/or his advisers. For those of you who aren’t aware, Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada. He pledged to take in those stranded at airports around the world. Except… Canada had nothing to do with the border closing. It’s great that a head of state is taking a stand against such…

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Rights and Wrongs

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Excellent analysis + dark humor = brillant and effective 😀

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When I say religious fundamentalists, what comes to mind? The Taliban? The Westboro Baptist Church? Watching the news in France, I saw an exposé about a certain ultra-fundamentalist Church School in the U.S.A. You know the type, where evolution is a theory, not a Theory (more on that later).  The problem with this was not they were disseminating information not in line with the scientific consensus, that is their right. The problem was that the main person in charge then said she wanted her religious liberties to be upheld by forcing all other schools to fall in line with her values.


She wanted the defense of her religious rights to include the destruction of the religious rights of everyone she didn’t agree with. There’s a word for that: Jihad.

This isn’t hyperbole. I used the word Jihad instead of Crusade because the former tends to be more shocking, but…

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