Important article by my friend Zhaochang Peng

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He’s looking at freedom (especially lack of it) from BOTH state AND private sources, constructs an innovative conception of Marxian freedom, and looks at what went so wrong in revolutionary Russia and China. As the rich capitalist world stumbles into the post-modern post-capitalist era, and bureaucracy seems to crush our productivity and our freedoms, Dr Peng comes from the “left field” to contribute to this important issue that should strongly resonate with Libertarians and Austrian economists, as well as Marxists, and everybody who is paying attention.

Only abstract available officially, but I’m sure Zhaochang would be willing to share a copy if you ask me or him :)

Freedom is a core value centralized in Marxism. When applied to the study of political economy, Marxist freedom focuses, in its ontological sense, on the elimination of all forms of class coercion so that public coordination of individual preferences will proceed in a cooperative way to improve material living standards, reduce the working day, and promote all-round development of personality for all members of society. In its epistemological sense, Marxist freedom stresses the importance of developing thorough theories of social class and the state, so that meaningful post-revolutionary institutional innovations can be implemented to facilitate the ontological task of eliminating all forms of class coercion. While classical Marxist theories of social class and the state provide great insights into the class bias of bourgeois approaches to political economy and the adverse impact of capitalist market economy on human freedom, they tend to be ambiguous about the distinction between the state class and privately propertied class. This theoretical deficiency in classical Marxism was evidenced by a lack of consistent effort to build workers’ democratic institutions in post-revolutionary Russia to thwart the rise of the state class in face of objective adversities.

Gordon Freeman + B. J. Blazkowicz 2020

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Mute physicist and handicapped Jew. Badass heroes for the 21st century. Slaughtering tyrents, collaborators, and Nazi scum.

Just kidding…?

A quote from “Dark Age America: Climate Change, Cultural Collapse, and the Hard Future Ahead” by John Michael Greer –

“Thus I think it’s time to pursue a different and more challenging project. We could have had a better future if we’d done the right things when there was still enough time to matter, but we didn’t. That being the case, what kind of future can we expect to get? There is a standard term in historical studies for that kind of future. That term is “dark age.””

Start reading this book for free:

I guess this crap on NPR is “Fake Obituary” grrrr

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