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How does the US government respond when a foreign government is overthrown by an armed revolt and its leader flees to a neighboring country?  That depends – are we talking about Ukraine in 2014 or Yemen in 2015?  The U.S. double standard ensures maximum bloodshed and destruction in each case.

Why is the Western press so invested in expounding the highly unconvincing narrative of the official line?

WTF. I have nothing to add. The entire world is now officially a FoxNews porn-fest >:/


Lest we forget:


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We’re very excited to be back on the airwaves in Central Florida!

We had with us on the phone: Ben Smith from Belmont University (Alabama), and in the studio: Chris Garlock (Rollins Economics alumnus and Crummer MBA), and Shaheen Alhumaydhi (Rollins student)

And of course the usual clowns Beni Balak (me, aka the doctor) and Jesse (aka Mr Catnip)

Some links to INDEPENDENT media:

We will continue to follow the unfolding crisis…