These sources are very diverse and offer a wide variety of media including online articles, video, audio, podcasts, social-media, and even old-school paper magazines/newsletters.

NoteThis list is in no particular order. The descriptions provided are theirs and not my commentary. Check them out and decide for yourself. 

  • DemocracyNow! A Daily Independent Global News Hour with Amy Goodman & Juan González
  • TruthOut Fearless, Independent News and Opinion
  • TruthDig Drilling Beneath the Headlines
  • Zero Hedge On a long enough timeline the survival rate of everyone drops to zero
  • Moyers & Company a digital destination providing access to the continuum of Bill Moyers’ work in broadcast journalism, highlighting the current weekly series, Moyers & Company
  • Jacobin A Magazine of Culture and Polemic
  • Bitch Media a nonprofit feminist media organization best known for publishing the magazine Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture
  • RT (Russia Today) Question More. (Especially Abby Martin’s Breaking the Set focused on the media)
  • Dan Carlin
    • Common Sense: Fast Talking Political Commentary
    • Hardcore History: History Like You’ve Never Heard It Before
  • Smiley & West weekly program from PRI hosted by Cornel West & Tavis Smiley features thought-provoking, intelligent and stimulating conversations.
Collection of Documentary Films:


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