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Trotsky as St George (Victor Deni, 1920)

Trotsky as St George (Victor Deni, 1920)

So I kept the title under 140 characters for twitter but I think the point is clear no?

Governor Christie is being evaluated for future leadership of the American Empire based on how good he is at managing PR difficulties when busted doing what is little more than business as usual among the corporate gangs that run this country. Great criteria to lead a troop of scam artists and be shill-in-chief of the kleptocracy… oh yeah… that IS the job after all.

Meanwhile, the pretend-recovery is so ridiculous that even the corporate-media economist-clerics find it difficult to keep up the charade of how deep in shit the global political-economy is, swaths of the world disintegrate in an accelerated rate with the “help” of our beloved business-leaders and their politician henchmen, and the most “alarmist” environmental predictions turn out to be overly optimistic.

#lemmings #STFU! #Revolution

Jay Gordon & Corey Carroll joined us for an Earth Day special.

We wanted to share with you a voice not often heard in the media: Radical Environmentalists & most notably Deep Green Resistance.

We need to continue this next show…

This is NOT radical environmentalism. It's good accounting!

This is NOT radical environmentalism. It’s good accounting which is necessary ESPECIALLY for a market system to function.

“If the only thing we can change is ourselves or if the best tactics for social change are lifestyle choices, then, indeed, examining and critiquing the minutiae of people’s personal lives will be cast as righteous activity. And if you’re not going to fight the people in power, the only people left to fight are each other.”

(Lierre Keith)