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Government is bad... mmmkey

Government is bad… mmmkey


REAL NEWS NETWORK: Rania Masri and Chris Hedges On Obama’s Syria Address

And the tone of discussion was nauseating. Their idiotic rhetoric was muffled by their tongues being stuck so far up Summers’s ass. I trully think I prefer the fucking fascists to these apologetic sycophants. Arggghggh.

I’m thrilled to have a guest from this legendary union with an amazing history that has recently started working in Florida (a very hostile terrain to say the least).

As is our custom on Punkonomics, the guest gets to control the show but I do intend to ask some questions about actions the 1199 are taking locally and nationally, what the future holds, and surely we’ll also talk about the rising gross injustices around us.

Here’s some background info on the 1199SEIU. Make sure you watch the short video to get an idea of who they are and how important they were and continue to be. MLK called them his “favorite union.” ,

1199 50th Anniversary Video from 1199SEIU on Vimeo.

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford