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I’m thrilled to have a guest from this legendary union with an amazing history that has recently started working in Florida (a very hostile terrain to say the least).

As is our custom on Punkonomics, the guest gets to control the show but I do intend to ask some questions about actions the 1199 are taking locally and nationally, what the future holds, and surely we’ll also talk about the rising gross injustices around us.

Here’s some background info on the 1199SEIU. Make sure you watch the short video to get an idea of who they are and how important they were and continue to be. MLK called them his “favorite union.” ,

1199 50th Anniversary Video from 1199SEIU on Vimeo.

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

A new article by our guest from last week Nicolas Sandy Davies. he will be with us again at the end of next month

Syria: Where the Obama Doctrine of Covert War Spectacularly Backfired | Alternet.

“OK, you remaining Obama fans: tell me why we should trust the biggest baiter and switcher in the history of the Presidency, particularly when he insists on unprecedented levels of secrecy? Because he has nice teeth and cute kids?”

More from Yves Smith (Naked capitalism

More Obama Administration Secrecy: Rep. Grayson Can’t Discuss Classified Trans-Pacific Partnership Draft

Thanks to Phil Kozel 

How the Obama Administration Talks to Black America

“Convenient race-talk” from a president who ought to know better


via How the Obama Administration Talks to Black America – Ta-Nehisi Coates – The Atlantic.