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There actually ARE real antisemitic elements in the protests but they are mostly of the anti MUSLIM flavor, with some unfortunate old-school anti Jewish BS. All true.

HOWEVER, all the scandal Macron is condemning is about the whining of long time white-supremacist alpha-douche Alain Finkielkraut who was called sone rather mild and rather accurate names by protesters and his feelings were hurt :'(. He’s something of a french Alan Dershovitz or Jordan Peterson, supporting wars, and defending Western Culture, etc etc.

Ocasio-Cortez / Omar 2020

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No I’m not joking. This is as far as I’m willing to compromise.

There is one thing I agree with the POTUS on: FAKE NEWS

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Neoliberalism or Death: The U.S. Economic War Against Venezuela


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi officially endorses the attempted coup in Venezuela, joining forces with Donald Trump and his posse of neoconservatives. Venezuela’s Vice Foreign Minister Carlos Ron responds to the threats of military action, the reports about covert U.S. activity in the country, and discusses the impact of the sanctions on Venezuela. 

Former United Nations rapporteur Alfred de Zayas is accusing the U.S. of attempting to “asphyxiate” Venezuela with economic warfare and says the U.S. should be investigated by the International Criminal Court. Zayas wrote a UN report on Venezuela in late 2018 that was scathing in its assessment of U.S. policy towards Venezuela under both Obama and Trump. He talks about what he found during his investigation. 

And we go inside the mind of journalist Sam Husseini who tried to ask convicted criminal Elliott Abrams about his past and the present U.S. lies about Venezuela.

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Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill