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Posted: 2013/05/17 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Uncategorized

i’m a blogging n00b

James Rovira

hitsbinaryI’d like to start with some numbers. Up to last March I was averaging 1 hit per day. So far this May, I’m averaging 100 hits per day. I started up jamesrovira.com using WordPress.com in December of 2011. I wasn’t too committed to it at the time: I just wanted a place that I could use when I wanted it. From Dec. 2011-March of 2013 I had 718 hits, or about 45 a month, for a small handful of posts. Then in April I decided to get a bit more serious about blogging. I tried to post something every day. It wasn’t hard, because I didn’t always have to come up with brand new content. I’ve been publishing on the web off and on since the 1990s, so when I didn’t have new content to add I’d gather my previously published works and link to them from here (I didn’t…

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  1. jamesrovira says:

    Ha… thanks, man, and I’m reading your great talk on for-profit ed. I’ll be reblogging that soon.


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