The People–Not the System–will solve the Problem of White Supremacist Murders

Posted: 2013/07/15 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Uncategorized

Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle

The Zimmerman Verdict is a Reflection of the Times.   WE CHARGE GENOCIDE!

The People Must ORGANIZE!

Statement by Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, July 13, 2013

Trayvon Martin was never going to get justice from a courtroom of the United States government. Justice for Trayvon and for the hundreds of other Black women, men, and children executed by someone employed or protected by the US government on a daily basis will only come from our people and the power we are able to wield through the strength of our organization and the resolve of our will. Zimmerman was only put on trial because todos con una misma direcciónmillions of our people took to the streets in early 2012 and threatened to disrupt the system. The trial was a means to divert our energies and return things to the status quo.

Obama’s statement that a “a jury has spoken” encouraging what he called, “calm…

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  1. Brett Garlinger says:

    That’s some straight Bull Shit! He’s to be tried by his piers. But the jury was all women, not saying there can’t be women but there needs to be men on the jury. But even more importantly there were 5 BLACK women on the jury and one white lady. Don’t give me that bull shit about race and how treyvan was never going to get justice in the system.


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