Popular web site is sadly IMHO a good example of postmodern White-Supremacy

Posted: 2013/07/24 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in editorial

Popular web site is sadly IMHO a good example of postmodern White-Supremacy

I want people from all ideologies and perspectives to try to bottle up the anger and conduct some ethical discourse about this. This site came to my attention because of a video defending Zimmerman and attacking Trayvon martin that has been very popular online over the past few days. I find that it uses traditional racist propaganda methods to cleverly entrap many well meaning white people in it’s manipulative web of half-truth innuendos taken out of context and re-constructed to be palatable and feed of inner fears and misunderstandings. I will not shy from saying that these positions are very much inline with current New-Nazi movements in Europe and the US, and the rhetorical devices and propaganda tools it uses are straight out of the old-school 19th-20th century racism and are strikingly similar to what the Nazis used. 

I admit to having strong feelings about this but am trying to keep them bottled :)

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