[#72] Some thoughts about racism (Part 2)

Posted: 2015/01/07 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Podcasts

To download, right-click and select “Save link as…” PUNKONOMICS 12-03 PT.2

  1. suckerpunch4u says:

    I agree with one of the speakers when he mentioned “that you can’t really talk about the real stuff” especially when a person could be the minority of a certain group. I think it would take a high level of self confidence to voice an opinion while in the presence of that particular majority group.


    • dearbalak says:

      thanks for this comment! I was sharing my experiences as a white middle class person talking about racism with black people in the US. I found that it took some time to build up the trust needed to be able to speak openly even if I am very sympathetic of the history and continuing deep white privilege in our society. My black friends have since shared with me how difficult it is to trust even the most liberal white person enough to share their anger and frustration.


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