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Babi Yar (Ukraine, 1941), Gaza (Israel, 2018).

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Oh how the roles have changed!

–Look it up

Israel continues the slaughter of protestors

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Winnie Mandela died :'(

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She was not as well known as her ex husband Nelson, but deserves at least as much respect for her struggle, as well as recognition gor being right about the problem of winning political freedom without economic power.

Lovely quote from Ernst Bloch in Jacobin magazine.

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That is why all improvers of our situation who merely concentrate on health are so petit-bourgeois and odd, the raw fruit and vegetable brigade, the passionate herbivores, or even those who practice special breathing techniques. All this is a mockery compared with solid misery, compared with diseases which are produced not by weak flesh but by powerful hunger, not by faulty breathing but by dust, smoke, and lead. Of course there are people who breathe correctly, who combine a pleasant self-assurance with well-ventilated lungs and an upright torso which is flexible to a ripe old age. But it remains a prerequisite that these people have money; which is more beneficial for a stooped posture than the art of breathing.
— Ernst Bloch, The Principle of Hope