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Greg Palast tells Max Keiser on RT about how fraud and corruption are legalized and this is NOT a misguided ideology but straight up class war

The Penultimate Truth

The Penultimate Truth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like in Philip K Dick‘s The Penultimate Truth (1964,, our upper-class masters spend all their non-leisure time manipulating the minds of the public into believing and consenting to their crimes >:/

“Chicago is bracing itself for a large, potentially disruptive demonstration on Wednesday involving acts of mass civil disobedience against the largest proposed round of school closures in recent memory.

The city last week announced plans to close 54 schools affecting more than 30,000 students, primarily in low-income black and Latino areas. The proposals, which had already sparked huge, rowdy protests at hearings throughout the city before the announcement, mark mayor Rahm Emanuel’s second major confrontation over education in less than six months, following the teacher strike in late August.

The Chicago Teachers Union, which emerged with considerable public support last year after it blunted Emanuel’s attempts to tie teachers’ pay to test scores, has pledged to engage in a campaign of non-violent disobedience to oppose the closures.”


This is the holocaust happening right now.

When I grew up I wondered what the good people of the world were doing when the Nazis were gassing my family.

Now I’m 47 and I know the answer: they were doing what WE are doing right now!

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