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The CIA and Drugs: talk by Alexander Cockburn (1998)

Posted: 2013/05/26 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Uncategorized
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Jose is a Rollins alumnus working on his PhD in economics at Colorado State University – Fort Collins.

He added a lot of methodological substance to my usual ramblings and gave us some really interesting things to think about in hopes of improving the sorry state of economics and the world.

We also had some technical difficulties figuring out how to connect to a phone but ended up getting pretty decent sound out of Jesse’s iThingy and a microphone (old school).

FINALLY: When I mentioned we got some hate mail on the blog, a guy named STUART called and said some nice things about the show–WE LOVE YOU STUART!


Jose Galvez mentioned this article on the show just now

I’ll read it later after grading senior paper and re-post it with the podcast tomorrow.

A radical socialist hip hop artist having an intelligent conversation with a right-wing conspiracy theorist.

I was working in Oregon for the past 3 days and am catching up on the news in the airport via CNN. They said the Obama admin said they may have been too provocative with their saber rattling orbsomething right? Hmmmmm. Wtf? I think something fishy is going on: liberals will see such a statement as proof Obama is not the vicious imperialist he is and conservatives will be able to call him weak… so once agian he will be able to use the tired lame excuse that “republicans made me do it”