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Posted: 2013/05/12 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Uncategorized
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Doug Henwood quotes Corey Robin about the crisis in higher education in NYC:

“So the Cooper Union faculty have just voted no confidence in the president of their university. Last winter, the NYU faculty did the same. The CUNY faculty are heading in a similar direction. There’s a dissident faction in the NYC teachers union pushing for more radical action. Oh, to be 20 years younger and join a group that would start organizing for a general strike of all educational workers in the city. Just take the Chicago model and radicalize and extend it. I’m already drawing up lists and a two-year plan in my head. It’ll be like 1975 but in reverse. We’ll do it in 2015 on the 40th anniversary of the Fiscal Crisis, only this time we’ll be telling them to drop dead. But what’s that? Hark, Hayek calls.”

Bracketing the Hayek bit, the beautiful thing about this is that it doesn’t seem like a baseless fantasy.

I was just in NYC talking with some faculty from Cooper, NYU, & others. It’s a long shot but we’ll never know if we don’t fight for it (can you hear me my dear colleagues of the boogie persuasion?)
Why not a general strike of ALL education workers in the US? 
And while we’re at it all workers in the US… globally? THAT would bring change. 
Don’t like this “commie” rhetoric? If you call yourself a libertarian but advocate submission to authority then you need to do some re-thinking or you’re a tool.
If you’re a liberal but think this is too radical and want to present moderate polite to the Kleptocracy then… you’re just sad.
Solidarity! This is not about ideology; it’s about crime prevention–damn it :)