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Part 2:

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We had a lively argument with some of my students in the studio about current US foreign policy in its economic and historical context. Despite having some fundamental disagreements it was a real pleasure and reminded me why I chose to teach in a liberal arts college!

They were Michael Brunelli, Andrew Basye, and Timur Jabiev.

I hope to have them in the studio again.

The Clintons–patron saints of liberals. Imperialist shites of the first degree and always have been. History will NOT be kind to either of them but that’s little consolation for us now.

Mary O’Grady: Bill, Hillary and the Haiti Debacle –

Break the silence: a world war is beckoning

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Continuation of what I posted  yesterday titled:

Some real-world context to Obama’s ridiculous propaganda speech on Syria >:/

PT 2: Chris Hedges and Rania Masri On What the Future May Hold For Syria

REAL NEWS NETWORK: Rania Masri and Chris Hedges On Obama’s Syria Address