Video Interview: Study Links High Stakes Testing to Higher Incarceration Rates

Posted: 2013/07/20 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video


[Watch new interview on School-to-prison-pipeline]

A landmark study, The Effect of High School Exit Exams on Graduation, Employment, Wages and Incarceration, recently released by researchers Olesya Baker and Kevin Lang at the National Bureau of Economic Research links exit exams to high rates of incarceration.  The study found no positive impact of these tests in terms of employment or wages, but did find a 12.5% increase in incarceration rates for the students who do not pass the test. (For more information about the school-to-prison-pipeline and how to teach about it in the classroom, see the Rethinking Schools issue:

The Real News Network interviewed Kevin Lang and myself yesterday about this new study that exposes the machinery of the school-to-prision-pipeline. 

Check it out:



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