If another white person tells me there is no racism in almost every aspect of society I’m going to have to slap them >:/

Posted: 2013/08/08 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video
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This apologetic rhetoric has been used almost unchanged from the end of the eugenics era and the World Wars. We’ve heard it all before in several languages and it’s always used to reassert white supremacy without resorting to traditional racist discourse.
Here’s an example of the basic argument over 2/3 of white Americans seem to espouse… Though they don’t openly admit it of course:
“We have nothing against blacks/jews/Arabs if only they were less violent/greedy/angry and didn’t want to sleep with our women”

  1. dearbalak says:

    I should have known that this would produce a host of … you guessed it: white men telling me that there is no racism or that it “goes both ways” *sigh* I’m too depressed to slap anybody right now (T_T)


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