We’re sad to inform you that our WPRK radio shows are canceled :'(

Posted: 2013/09/18 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Announcements
Thanks for all the support from the local community but we were forced to cancel both Secrets of the Fairies and Punkonomics live radio shows as of last week.

We WILL however continue both blogs and will be resuming soon with brand new exciting audio and video products online!

We have many diverse ideas in development so stay tuned on WordPress (SotF and Punk), on Facebook (SotF and Punk), and Twitter (SotF and Punk).

Please stay with us online and be a little patient–we promise you will not be disappointed!

We’re deeply sorry to lose our local radio audience and tried very hard to avoid this outcome but to no avail. We do not want to blame anybody in particular but feel obliged to at least explain that this is due to the inability of WPRK to make any adjustments to our schedules so that they do not conflict with our day jobs as professors. We attempted to resolve this since May but no luck.

Please accept our sincerest apologies and we hope to keep yapping at you online in diverse new formats where we can REALLY go crazy… in a good way ;-)


Charlotte, Beni, and Jesse

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