Let us be very clear and reafirm our commitment to #EqualOpportunityHate

Posted: 2016/02/04 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video

So a good friend of Punkonomics and former guest Mark B. messaged me yesterday to say that it appeared like at least one of us in the studio was supporting Hilary Clinton’s election bid.

So let me be clear that I (and my co-hosts and guests) in no way endorse or even support Clinton2.0. In fact we were semi-joking about how even Trump would be better! And while Sanders clearly is the best candidate, we spent a lot of time on who he would be forced to abandon his promises if he gets elected (like Obama), and how dangerous yet another disappointment may be. Anyway, we’ll post the podcast in a week or so and you’all can decide for yourself.

You want to best source on why Clinton2.0 is, and always has been, a major imperialist, war-criminal, and corporate tool, read Doug Henwood’s recent book that has gotten all the Clinton apologists riled up:


Interview about the book:


Somebody must be compensating for something…

  1. jamesrovira says:

    If a wrench in the plutocratic machinery is the best Sanders can do, I’ll take it.

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