The new US Secretary of Education just tore into higher education

Posted: 2016/03/31 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video

Bryan Alexander

John King, Jr., US Secretary of EducationThe United States has a new Secretary of Education.  John King Jr. is settling into the job, and it looks like one of his first moves is to light into higher education.

I’m surprised this speech* isn’t gettingmorecoverage.  Perhaps the tension between this administration and higher ed is too drawn out a story for our ADHD-addled media.  Maybe it’s being drowned out by the presidential carnivalspectacle race, or the explicit language about class and inequality is too uncomfortable. But I think anyone working or interested in education needs to read** this speech.

TL;DR version: King tears into American higher ed for turning away from access and fomenting inequality.  He accuses academia of building up a caste system and of quashing the American dream.

Let’s read this in appropriate detail.  For context, know that the secretary is beginning his tenure by conducting an affordability…

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