Quoting Malcolm X makes me seem like a Trump supporter in 2016!?!

Posted: 2016/10/21 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video


My response to a question asking if this implies I support the Reps/Trump:

This is an old quote from Malcolm X but I thought the point he makes fits perfectly to the curent situation since many decent people (including most of my friends) are falling for this switch and bate scam: The Trump phenomenon is very scary but absolutely predictable after decades of decline combined with self-righteous elitism from the ruling classes (both parties BTW). This is the chickens come to roost of the “moderate” “new” left championed by Clinton 1 and Tony Blair in the UK. Hilary Clinton will continue perhaps to SAY thin gs I too agree with after she’s elected, but will surely also take the imploding empire to the next level of agression and crimes against humanity. Why would she change all of a sudden just because a large majority of Americans are finally realizing there is no democracy, no accountability, and no future for all but the proverbial 1%. All this was pretty obvious for years to some, and I was fortunate enough to get a real-world education to key me in. I’m happy that the rich world’s population is beginning to realize that we have stopped struggling for too long and have lost a lot of ground. Don’t forget, it’s not personal, I viscerally and virulently hate both candidates, honestly think Trump would not be able to cause anything near the damage Clinton will. I may be wrong, but doubt it: even if HRC has changed her views and honestly now believes in more progressive policies and less wars and aggression, she will not be able to do it. Her promises are total BS designed to attract ex-Sanders supporters etc. But under her, surely even worse than Obama, we will see more “conservative” economic policies, mass deportations, multiple criminal wars, global chaos, and, the cherry on top (for which the financial-industria-complex loves her so): re-start our conflict with Russia.

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Beni Balak
Beni Balak BTW, I’ll go vote (1st time in the US — recent citizen) especially for local issues and probably for the Green Party. Maybe I’ll write in: Snowden/Manning 2016

Beni Balak
Beni Balak Best pre-election book on the real HRC (from a left perspective):

In My Turn Doug Henwood shows Clinton’s positions on key issues blow with the breeze of expediency, generally…

Beni Balak
Beni Balak + article (so short): https://www.jacobinmag.com/…/hillary-bill-clinton…/

Debating Clinton Doug Henwood responds to a critical review of his new book on Hillary Clinton. by Doug…

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