It’s the liberal bourgeoisie that is fighting intellectual freedoms along with the “alt-nazis” 

Posted: 2016/12/27 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Uncategorized

We interviewed George Ciccariello-Maher twice on punkonomics and he’s quite brilliant. Whatever one thinks of his politics and dark humor (I personally like both very much!), Drexel U’s response is indicative of the pitiful apologetic attitude of the white academia.

One is reminded of how eager the academic bourgeoisie are to support the powers that be like a little lap dog. How gross to see all these “leaders” and other wonderful people scurry to police thoughts already positioning themselves to take advantage of the new regime.

The central role of professional intelectuals and academic institutions in almost all genocides and oppression is highly underestimated and should be exposed. At least those of us (small minority) who are not such sycophant tools should spend more effort studying and exposing this.

I think many of the disenfranchised majority in the US and Europe, both (real) left and hard right who mistrust academia for good reasons (especially because of how social science is used against them), would be willing to join a productive conversation.

Keep doing what you do George!

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