Post-crash economics: have we learnt nothing?

Posted: 2018/09/12 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video

On a personal note:

I’m fortunate to work at one of the handful of economics departments that have a pluralistic economics coriculum. We have received many encouragements from fellow economists (from Austrians to Marxists), and some others both within and without our institution. More importantly, our students appreciate it and exhibit a high degree of sophistication in their work! However we are broadly reviled and called names behind our backs, and students are warned about the den of Marxists we are for teaching multiple perspectives beyond the simplistic neoclassical corpus from the 40s (i.e. almost all textbooks).

But the kids like it and that’s what gives me hope. Yes, even rich conservative Randians appreciate the rich complex arguments that are the economics discipline, and realize their ideologies only benefit from a dialectic challange.

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