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Interview with Clayton Louis Ferrara (Ideas.Org), Neil Vegoneire , Orville Meaux (San Jose, Ca Clinic on phone)

Issues: How Medical Marijuana harvesting impacts the community at large, its economic advantage and the laws are being manipulated to only allow big corporations to produce and distribute Medical Marijuana. Also how its being restricted to only certain health problems and specific locations which is putting many current clinics out of business.

Issue: Ammendment No.2 Medical Mariguana Initiative.

Phone Interview with Jodi James of the Cannabis Action Network (CAN)

We discussed how the Initiative came about due to an arrest of a patient, and why medical Marijuana is so beneficial to many patients with all sorts of different ailments. Neil Vegoneire (norml) also joined us on the second hour to discuss the benefits of the oils and the different chemical compounds of Marijuana and its uses.



Interview with Neil Vegoneire Director of Norml UCF chapter and Orville Meaux a San Jose, CA owner of a non-profit Medical Marijuana Clinic (on the Phone).

Topic: Amendment No.2 Medical Marijuana Initiative.

We discussed the Amendment and its effect on the state of Florida and its residents. Orville Meaux discuss the cost, laws and the problems involve with the setup of this type of non-profit business that is not sanctioned by the Federal Gov and IRS.