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Thanks to Doug Henwood for this:

The Emperor Uncrowned: The rise of Narendra Modi

Luntz’s populism has turned on itself and become its opposite: fear and loathing of the masses. “I am grateful that Occupy Wall Street turned out to be a bunch of crazy, disgusting, rude, horrible people, because they were onto something,” he says. “Limbaugh made fun of me when I said that Occupy Wall Street scares me. Because he didn’t hear what I hear. He doesn’t see what I see.” The people are angry. They want more, not because we have not given them enough but because we have given them too much.

6 States Already Restricting Voting After Supreme Court Decision

We live in a post-racial society right?! I suppose one could argue that the massive conservative/Republican voter fraud efforts since 2000 have not been racially motivated at all. If only blacks and latinos voted overwhelmingly Republican this would not be necessary!?! it’s Jim Crow version 3.0 >:/

As they say in French: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose (=the more it changes, the more it stays the same)

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