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Topic starts with the global economy and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)  with guest Mitch Koebke (my student) and my son Felix. Then we will be joined by the rest of my family (Charlotte and Thalia) and a friend of Thalia’s (Sophia) to discuss growing up a female these days and male/white privilege #yesallwomen
Oh yeah: our 2 dogs will be there too! All that’s missing then is our 3 cats and snake.


Show #16 (2013-1-18)

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Corey Carroll came to talk with us about gun control


Show #12 (Dec 21, 2012)

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Despite the end of the Mayan calendar and predictions that the world will end, Corey Carroll joined us to talk about gun controls.

NOTE: a caller said that despite many disagreements with what we are saying, she likes the show because we are “sensible and rational” THANK YOU MAM!