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In Orlando is working to do something about it (with the help of others of course–solidarity!)

To download right click and select “save link as” >>> PRISON PT. 1

We had 3 exciting local guests: Miguel Adams (cofounder of Speak-Up-Florida: for the Movement to End the New Jim Crow), Teresa Pugliese (secretary and executive board member of Speak Up Florida and founder of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at UCF), and Tommy Cullar joined us also.

We had a particularly stimulating and wild chat even by our standards and even got to stay on the air for a 3rd hour. We split the podcast in 2 parts THIS IS PART 1.


Human Rights Campaign to End the New Jim Crow.
Community Voices Speak Out and being heard to End Mass Incarceration and The War on Drugs with 1 voice. A fight against injustice! 

Speak Up Florida: