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I would like to dedicate this old George Carlin skit to all the people involved with forcing standardized testing on our kids, teachers, and schools. Especially the corporate testing companies and the politicians who serve them >:/

John Oliver does a great summary of all the key points (with irony):

Standardized testing CAN be a useful tool as part of a broad educational program but the “reforms” over the past decade+ are NOT RIGOR but a RACKET!

It’s a part of a general corporate takeover of the education system, turning it into a multi-tiered prison system in which our children get abused into submission, parents and kids get turned into obedient debt-slaves, and corporatist masters get rich.


“The assessment itself is completely artificial,” Chomsky asserts. “It’s not ranking teachers in accordance with their ability to help develop children who will reach their potential . . . It’s turning us into individuals who devote our lives to achieving a rank.”