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Class warfare in Europe is getting ugly #noausterity

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via Costas Lapavitsas: The Syriza strategy has come to an end.

Tariq Ali said about this development:

The Troika decided today to debar Greece from going ahead with its anti-poverty projects. The Euro-elite is determined to use its economic muscle to humiliate Syriza politically. The response can only be to fight back, taking the people into confidence and a referendum. But till then capital outflows have to be stopped. Costas’ interview is very strong. There is no alternative left and capitulation must be unacceptable to a large majority of the base and one presumes the leadership.


Best of Yanis Varoufakis by Doug Henwood

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Doug’s inteviews with Varoufakis over the years have been an invaluable resource on European economics and many other things. Thanks Doug! (host of the best podcast out there: Behind the News)



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The oligarchs and their cronies are afraid…merkel

Yanis Varoufakis, will be Syriza’s new finance minister. He has been a brilliant critique of EU economic policy for many years and is a splendid choice for the difficult task at hand: radically reforming the European Union’s political-economy.