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I’ve been using games to teach for over 8 years now mostly Civilization in my Economics in Historical Perspective but a little bit of WoW in my Freshmen Seminar (pompously titled Deus Ex Machina: Social Evolution in Virtual Worlds). I’ve been working in quasi isolation presenting papers to economists with little or no experience in gaming and/or teaching with them. I finally discovered 3DGameLab and used their tools to fully gamify my Economics, Media, and Propaganda this summer and am hard at work to gamify my other courses including a new freshmen seminar on WoW next week!

Yesterday I joined with Cognitive Dissonance as part of the WoW in schools teacher camp on 3DGamelab and it’s was uber-fun: sitting around at the Pig & Whistle inn in-world and talking about WoW in education…

We have discussed education on Punkonomics in the past both in posts as well as on the radio-show / podcast. I should invite some of these 3DGameLab and Cognitive Dissonance people as guests because unlike the overwhelming hype we hear about technology in education, THIS is where it’s really at!

So anyway, here’s my 3DGameLab badge to show off for XP in “The Academy” group (where teachers game to learn how to gamify):


Show #36 G^3, Girl Gamers Geeking!

Posted: 2013/06/17 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Podcasts
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Special Guests: Felix Balak, Penelope and Mia Dutton, and a special shout-out to “Feminist Frequency” on YouTube for inspiring several parts of our show! We aren’t telling you to watch her videos, but the link is right there, and it is very thought-provoking, so if you happen to have any interest whatsoever, it may be a good idea to check her out, though, under no circumstances are we in any way attempting to influence you into looking at the very interesting and well thought-out arguments she’s laid out.

(FCC regulations don’t allow us to tell you to do anything, though suggestions are fine.)