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NICOLAS “Sandy” DAVIES will join us on the phone to discuss hes recent article in laying out the ugly sad truth about the long history of war crimes at the center of US foreign policy. Sandy has been writing on this and related topics for years and his book Blood On Our Hands: the American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq is another horrible but accurate piece of top notch investigative journalism.

With the national debate on whistle-blowers and national security, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, I believe this is a critical perspective Punkonomics must address. On a personal level, as a professor teaching economic history, I regularly encounter the problem of having to teach the ugly truth to students who have no clue about their history and thus are, as the saying goes, condemned to repeat it. This shit keeps me up at night–literally :(

Here’s a link to the War Crimes as Policy article (includes the Guardian/BBC documentary that inspired it):