Sorry for no show this friday

Posted: 2013/04/05 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video
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I’m on a very important trip to Oregon where im consulting with Willamette University to help them do a comprehensive review and reform of their economics program. They are super cool doing some amazing things and I’m really enjoying myself here. We’ll try to make an extra interesting show this coming Friday… perhaps its time to talk about the education system and the horrible way in which economics is taught in 99% of schools.

  1. Martin Kessler says:

    Fascinating concept: From “How should economics be taught”? leading to the answer “How economics should be taught! ”

    If there is some research propounding an answer to the question I’d be grateful for the reference, or for a brief explanation that summarizes the fundamental core concepts of the presumed superior pedagogy over what passes for economics instruction today.


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