Rollins College PR about Charlotte and the show!

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Article about our sister talk-show!

Secrets of the Fairies


Beyond Happily Ever After

August 30, 2013 – by Jeffrey Billman

A show on WPRK examines fairy tales as social critiques.

“It [was] really almost by accident,” Charlotte Trinquet says. She speaks quickly, as if there’s a volcano of information on the tip of her tongue just waiting to erupt, her thick French accent shaping every nuance and syllable. Trinquet is an adjunct professor at the Hamilton Holt School, and right now she’s talking about how she discovered her favorite subject: fairy tales.

It was in a master’s course on 17th-century fiction, and her professor assigned the works of the famous French fairy-tale writer Charles Perrault. “My first impression was, like, ‘Oh my God, we can actually read fairy tales in [a master’s] class?’ ” she says. “For us, it’s like underdog literature; you don’t even read it in class. You read the fables, not the fairy tales. That’s…

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