A new low in the long history of the Jewish people (my people)

Posted: 2013/10/09 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video
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Whatever you think of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where does one even start to decode this insane get together of criminals and those who love them?!? The sheer irony of inviting a world-class butcher like Kagame and drawing happy parallels between him and Israel!?
I guess because they both massacre their neighbors with Western support and encouragement? WTF?!
I just sent this to my dad who lived through Nazism and was one of the first to attack Elie Wiesel for his shameless exploitation of the Holocaust back in Israel in the 70s.
As a young kid growing up in Israel I asked myself what the world was doing when the Nazis were gassing my family. Now I know.
The Nazis may have made soap from most of my family in the 40s, but the mofos in this clip are washing their bloody hands with it today! Profoundly disgusting >:/

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