Social Entrepreneurship at its best: “We do the killing; You do the business” (c)

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WOW! Amazing! Social Entrepreneurship at it’s best: “We do the killing; You do the business” (see conference call below)

This is like being invited to Nazi Germany to a conference on the final solution to the Jewish problem with Adolf Eichmann as keynote speaker!?!

Is ignorance an excuse? It’s incredibly hard to find accessible info on this and especially the world-class butcher and keynote speaker at this event Paul Kagame. Even harder to trace the European and US complacency and support for him since the Rwandan and Congolese genocides in which he participated and continues to perpetrate: 6-10 million dead and many thousands raped and sexually mutilated since 1994.
Check these out:
I mentioned Kagmae recently in another context here and said this (among other nastier things): “As a young kid growing up in Israel I asked myself what the world was doing when the Nazis were gassing my family. Now I know.)
I think I’m going to throw up :(

Paul Kagame and Bill Clinton BFFs

Bush welcomes Paul Kagame to the White House

Conference Info:
Join us at the Transform Africa 2013. Check our Career Opportunities! can’t see the email? try this
Newsletter – October 2013
from athgo archives
Entrepreneurship Web 3.0STransform Africa 2013
Athgo International will host the Entrepreneurship Web 3.0S program as part of the larger Transform Africa summit.The highly interactive and regionally focused program, sponsored by the Government of Rwanda and the International Telecommunications Union will seek to accelerate the growth of 25 early-stage startup businesses from the African region.
Keynote with President Kagame, May 2013
other news
October 23, 2013
Washington, DC USA
why Top 5 startups will receive a total of $20,000 in seed funding Athgo International will select the winners for its Development Case as part of the Youth Summit Competition held last month!
To inspire individual creativity and collective action with lasting, wide-ranging economic impact, particularly in the areas of knowledge technologies, high-potential startup creation, job creation, and network expansion
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who 50 young and highly motivated entrepreneurs will represent 25 tech startups from 10 African countries
career opportunities
  • 20 local young people – 22 to 33 years of age, from the region, – will join the event as interns to build and employ their skills
  • High-level executives in the fields of ICT, business development, investments, and entrepreneurship will offer their expertise and create opportunities for the participating startups
Looking for work experience? Athgo offers opportunities in various fields!
C# DeveloperBusiness Strategist3D Graphic Artist
where Kigali, the Republic of Rwanda
Unity 3D Expert
when October 28 – 31, 2013
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