Why Iraqis May See ISIL as Lesser Evil Compared To U.S.-Backed Death Squads: Ten years of U.S. efforts to impose a brutal military solution in Iraq have only brought more death, destruction and chaos to its people (Sandy Davies on Alternet.org)

Posted: 2014/12/03 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video
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A new article by our regular guest Sandy Davies! He writes:
Yes, that’s right. We’ve exported “lesser evil” politics to Iraq.  But in Iraq, it’s about who is less likely to take you away, torture and kill you.  For most people in western and northern Iraq, the Iraqi government death squads who the U.S. recruited, trained, unleashed and still supports are a greater threat than the Islamic State.  Resistance will remain a rational choice for millions of Iraqis as long as the U.S. offers them only death squads and air strikes, as it has done for 10 years.  

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