In defense of George Cicciarello-Maher!

Posted: 2016/12/27 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video

Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism

George Cicciarello-Maher, a brilliant political theorist at Drexel, has been the target of a right-wing harassment campaign led by the sorry likes of Mike Cernovich and Breitbart media. In a very short-sighted, weak response to this Twitter outrage campaign, Drexel issued a statement disavowing George, calling his statements on Twitter “reprehensible,” and suggesting some sort of discipline to come.  I’d encourage everyone to push back against Drexel’s ill-advised response to a very loud, increasingly organized online mob. It’s hard to understand what Drexel think it’s accomplished here: if the university had simply ignored the Christmas Eve rantings of professional bigots on Twitter, it would all be forgotten by now. The story only still exists because Drexel issued a statement. This is either very poor media relations practice or something more ominous.

Feel free to copy the letter below, or change it. The addresses you need are:President John Anderson Fry (,  Provost M. Brian Blake (, and Executive Director of Media Relations Niki…

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  1. David says:

    Where can I find updated podcasts/recordings of the Punkonomics show?

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    • dearbalak says:

      Thanks for asking! We have been spotty these past 3-4 months and are taking a break until summer (professional and health reasons). We did post a number of video recordings of the show on facebook so that’s where recent media is. Expect a revamped punkonomics by the end of summer and, again, many thanks of listening.


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