Let’s Talk About Image. (Pt 1)

Posted: 2017/01/22 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video

The Actionist Press

When I say ‘Image’ what do people think of? Photographs? Television? The kind of image I want to discuss is the image that people cultivate for themselves in order to be, well, worshiped.

Consider a Kardashian. I won’t talk about my personal opinion of them, but a person close to me is a fan of their show, which ‘documents’ their lives. In this show, each of the stars is ‘A Something’. One of them is the mean one, one of them is the dumb one, one of them is the promiscuous one. This trend can be seen across most types of media, and even in day to day lives.

You might wonder, aren’t I just talking about personalities? What if that’s what they’re actually like?

While that may be true, I have another example. Youtubers. You might not keep up with them too much, but you probably know the template…

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