Let’s talk about Oligarchy

Posted: 2017/01/23 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video

Excellent short assessment of the new admin.

The Actionist Press

I’ve heard it thrown around that Trump is a fascist. That may be true, but his government is much more likely to resemble an oligarchy.

The word oligarchy comes from the Greek words ‘Oligoi,’ few, and ‘Arkhein,’ to rule. In it’s most basic form, Oligarchy is defined as “government by the few.” Trump was seen as a populist up until the election, throwing around soundbites about ‘draining the swamp’, and calling Clinton corrupt.

Trump’s cabinet decisions are contrary to his stated goal, here are a few of the most concerning.

For Secretary of State, Trump chose Rex Tillerson, a recipient of the Russian Order of Friendship, ex-CEO of Exxon corporation as of December. In 2011, he began drilling oil fields in direct violation of Iraqi law, the same year we finally brought soldiers out of the nation. His actions might have destabilized the entire relationship between both…

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