People are finally beginning to realize the magnitude of changes coming our way. 

Posted: 2017/05/08 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video

We’ve talked about this a lot on Punkonomics and here’s a good article about the end of jobs

  1. David McKnight says:

    Interesting article, as always. I like the idea of having ample “leisure time” aka being part of that “unemployable useless class”, but cringe at the idea of spending any significant amount that time in front of a screen in a virtual world. Let’s get back to nature. I just read “Your Brain on Nature”. That, along with my own experience leads me to answer YES! to the following question from the article: “Does it matter whether the neurons are stimulated by observing pixels on a computer screen, by looking outside the windows of a Caribbean resort, or by seeing heaven in our mind’s eyes?
    Our bodies (and sanity of society) require more exercise and nature, not more virtual reality. The long hours in a desk locked up in the office, living the corporate culture and inside of a computer all day is indeed taking its unhealthy toll. Just maybe in more subtle ways than back breaking labor.
    Just my theory :)

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    • I think that incentivising young people to seek a life of traditional rural agriculture, hunting, etc is an important part of the solution. It would create jobs, improve food and health, and help reverse suburbanization.


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