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Agitate for Anarchy by

Posted: 2015/01/15 by Punkonomics (@dearbalak) in Links/Articles/Video
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To Change Everything, Start Everywhere! The case for complete self-determination—a guide for the furious, the curious, and the pure of heart – our year long collaboration withCrimethInc is out. Go to and download the PDF

In response to libertarian drivel about how freedom and liberty is possible with no government intervention:

Rights mean nothing without power. Since there are more powerful people and institutions in any society, there is a need to stop them from exercising that power against other less powerful people. Libertarians who naively think freedom is simply not having a government control them need to learn from anarchists that power of all kinds needs to be controlled and limited for any kind of freedom to exist. Most anarchists are not so naive and understand that we have to have some form of government but one that spends it’s time limiting power and not raping us for the elites (as ours does).

As a syndico-anarchist I feel some affinity to libertarians but often I think they are little more than Republicans who smoke pot >;/