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We talked with Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Florida!

We discussed his campaign and the issues that set him apart from the other candidates. 

Adrian Wyllie’s campaign FB page:


Jesse and I were joined in the studio by Mark Bevilaqua, Mitch Koebke, and Jay Gordon.

We also received multiple calls and tweets and chat messages especially from Jacqui Myers and Miguel Adams (Speak-Up-Florida: for the Movement to End the New Jim Crow)

Tune in to listen to Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Florida, discuss his campaign and the issues that set him apart from the other candidates with Jesse and me. We hope to get callers too and especially welcome socialists/greens who have little representation in Florida (or the US for that matter) and who are the other side of the real political debate.

Listen 2-4PM on 91.5FM in the Orlando area or online at

Call us during the show at: 407.646.2915






Here’s a nice illusion of the main process of policy in the US today called “revolving door” in this case showing how food and agricultural policy is controlled by the giant monopoly Monsanto.

This has been operating for decades but is today the norm today with very few exceptions. A similar list can be drawn for education, environmental, health, communications, EVERYTHING.


To my libertarian friends: Are you enjoying this “self-regulatory” system? After all isn’t this what Ayn rand advocated: government by and for the business elites?

To my liberal friends: Yes we must have effective regulation for a market-system to work. But tell me exactly HOW we would get that when the government (Dems or Reps) are completely in the pocket of multinational?


The radicals are (as usual) correct!

I keep mentioning that despite the moronic insanity of most right-wing aka libertarian rhetoric there are out there some “good” right-wingers that deserve close attention.

Nassim Taleb is one of this select small group. Oh yeah, I know very well that there are plenty of liberal and left-wing idiots too so don’t bother telling me.

In response to libertarian drivel about how freedom and liberty is possible with no government intervention:

Rights mean nothing without power. Since there are more powerful people and institutions in any society, there is a need to stop them from exercising that power against other less powerful people. Libertarians who naively think freedom is simply not having a government control them need to learn from anarchists that power of all kinds needs to be controlled and limited for any kind of freedom to exist. Most anarchists are not so naive and understand that we have to have some form of government but one that spends it’s time limiting power and not raping us for the elites (as ours does).

As a syndico-anarchist I feel some affinity to libertarians but often I think they are little more than Republicans who smoke pot >;/