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Chris and Corey are coming. Hope to clarify the complexities and be entertaining and informative.

BTW we have an afirmative action policy for right-wingers and conservatives to come on the show.

Are you one of those rare birds? Lol

With Chris Garlock talking about negative interest rates and how cutting budgets makes no sense at this time.


This is a question at the heart of the difference between “liberals” & “socialists”

From The Real news Network


Show #11 (Dec 14, 2012)

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Sorry for this being a week late ;)

We discussed the sham also known as “The Fiscal Cliff” (again) and the variety of FED conspiracy theories (in response to David McKight’s request… though we probably need to look at this again to do justice to his FB comments)

Our guest was Chris Garlock

Show #7 The Fiscal Cliff!

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Show #7 (2012-11-16)