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Should be: “Before Modern (Neoclassical) Economics”

Nassim Taleb exposing economists’ scientific fraud hidden behind mathematics

Nassim Nicholas Taleb posted this on FB:
We Can Start Exposing Economists:
I just finished a very rough draft of *Fat Tails & (Anti)Fragility* (~100 pages).
PART I provides a mathematical toolkit to detect anything that is bullshit in economic modeling (particularly macroeconomics), figure out which papers are flawed from a scientific standpoint, etc. When I mean flawed, it is on the basis that the math used impresses nonmathematicians but does not support the stated policy conclusions. 
So I start by putting one Karl Whelan “scientific” work under severe mathematical scrutiny. I select him to start as he worked with central banks, the perfect profile of the person supported by the taxpayer against the taxpayer’s own interests. I also had a disgraceful encounter with him and his macro peers on twitter.
Mr Whelan’s papers can be found here:
We can progressively expose mathematized social science that way, as I am refining the text, adding words and examples.