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The Singer Beni Balak lives in Florida, the guitar player Shahar Ben Barak lives in Washington State, & the bass player Eyal Linur still lives in Israel. The band is collaborating these days on the internet. The new drummer is Elad Yitshaki, Ron Yanai plays Keyboards & produces, & Eran Schefer helped with engineering.

Original Hebrew lyrics by Eyal Linur and I (Beni Balak) translated them:


Let me tell you a tale about this angry old hound,

who decided one day to simply bite off the hand,

that for so many years had been feeding him shit,

it’s the day that the pigs are put into the pit!!


Even sheep on the farm understand on their own:

The fat pigs, are in charge of our world and out home.

But every pig, has it’s day and that day has arrived,

Cause the dogs are all here and no pig will survive!


To kill ‘em all — before they’re too big!

To kill ‘em all — in the day of the pigs

To kill ‘em all — before they’re too big!

To kill ‘em all


If you’re feeling sexy, when you’re stressed and wild.

Let it out of you, Act it out outside.

What a macho man, hot with righteous rage.

Go and kill ‘em all, So it won’t be me!


You can try, you can run, you can call the police.

You can hide, you can hold up a white flag — oh please!

You can scream out for help, from your private militia,

it’s too late, the mad dogs; we are already with ya!


You can crawl on your knees to the basement and hide.

You can cry, make some calls, offer deals on the side.

Take a pick or a shovel, get ready to dig,

It’s the day of the dogs and the night of the pigs!