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Evidence that the Meritocracy is Made Up of Poor People

Many wealthy Americans believe that dysfunctional behavior causes poverty. Their own success, they would insist, derives from good character and a strict work ethic. But they would be missing some of the facts. Ample evidence exists to show a correlation between wealth and unethical behavior, and between wealth and a lack of empathy for others, and between wealth and unproductiveness.

The poor, along with a middle class that is sinking toward them, make up the American meritocracy. Here is some of the evidence.

1. The Poor Don’t Cheat As Much
2. The Poor Care More About Other People
3. The Rich Focus on Me, Me, Me
4. The Poor Give a Greater Percentage of Their Money to Others
5. Entrepreneurs are in the (Sinking) Middle Class

BTR News: Woman locked up and kids taken away for being poor in SC? | BLACK TALK RADIO NETWORK™.

We tried to hope that we escaped this ugly history in the humanist era but we’re getting back to the old historical trend: getting rid of the poor unless they are readily exploitable has been the age-old goal of the elites; the one political-economic principle that has held since stratified societies emerged in what we call “civilization”. Sometimes people were able to make themselves valuable and thus get some scrapes off the table, and very rarely, people were able to organize and topple an elite. This is the constant struggle that is required to go beyond survival and what Trotsky called “revolution in permanence” (or at least my interpretation).