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Here’s my favorite cover version of the 1930’s classic union song:

It’s The Global Peace Film Festival Special Today!

We have 2 confirmed guests (maybe a 3rd, maybe who the @#$% knows… it’s PUNKonomics yo!)

(1) Lisa Tillmann – Director

Weight Problem: Cultural Narratives of Fat and Obesity. Weight Problem examines whose interests are served by the ways media, culture, and the medical establishment represent issues pertaining to body shape, size, weight, and fat. The film challenges taken-for-granted notions about the so-called ‘obesity crisis’ and ‘epidemic.’

(2) Edgar Barens – Director

Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall. A moving cinema verité documentary that breaks through the walls of one of Americas oldest maximum security prisons to tell the story of the final months in the life of a terminally ill prisoner and the hospice volunteers, themselves prisoners, who care for him. The film draws from footage shot over a six-month period behind the walls of the Iowa State Penitentiary and provides a fascinating and often poignant account of how the hospice experience can profoundly touch even the forsaken lives of the incarcerated.

  • Last week’s show about the New Jim Crow will be available as podcast and on this blog very soon–that extra long show will be provided in 2 parts and it rocked!
  • As usual we’re live Wednesday’s 2-4pm on WPRK91.5FM in Central Florida and then podcasts available here and via the usual places a few days after (as soon as we can).


Prisoners Stage Hunger Strikes Worldwide.