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We know that The US, and especially Republicans including President Reagan and Donald Rumsfeld among others, helped the racist South African Apartheid regime and tried to stop the global movement to dismantle it. But Here are some more ugly facts. At the very least this should make Americans think about their role in defending “freedom” and “liberty” then and, more importantly, NOW.

Let’s not forget how conservatives in the UK and the US called for his execution and/or continues imprisonment and supported the racist apartheid regime in South Africa. Just like they continue to do so today but now most so-called liberals are also conservatives so opposing such horrors has become a radical position. FTW

hang mandela

Here are 2 short articles about this:




Victimas del genocidio en la zona militar de CobanShe’ll tell us about:

> recently digging up civilian victims of genocide in Guatemala that were “supposed” to be guerrilla fighters (see previous references to this: 1, 2, 3)

> her new job helping agricultural wage-slaves in Florida

> herself in general (to the extent that she wants to) and her path from Columbia

Note: this photo is from the investigation of genocide in Guatemala (1982-83) in which the US and the Reagan administration was heavily implicated.